Monmouth-Ocean County Building Officials Association ICC Chapter # 58

2022 Elected Officers

President: Chuck Lasky
Vice President: Dean Ferraro
2nd Vice President:
Treasurer: Bob Burlew
Secretary: Charles Gimbel

2022 Trustees
(Per bylaws must be two immediate past presidents and two regular members.)
Nick Fabiano
Dennis Pino
Matt Mc Gowan

John Marini


Bill Doolittle

Must be two (2) trustees & a member:

Trustee - John Marini
Trustee- Matt Mc Gowan
Member Ron Maryak


Nick Fabiano
Bill Doolittle
Dennis Pino

By Laws

 John Marini   Tom klich
    Jean Verrier
   John Johson

Per by-laws: must be President and past three presidents

  Nick Fabiano
Dennis Pino
Bill Doolittle
Chuck Lasky

Good & Welfare

George Selah Jr.
Marvin Carman

Program Committee

   Public Relations

Ron Masella
John Johnson

Code Change

Tom Klich - Electrical
Marvin Carman - Plumbing
John Marini - Building
Bryant Curry -  Fire


Nick Fabiano & Pat Reardon

Ad Hoc

A. Building Safety Conference Week; Education Committee
B. Shore Builders Association (SBA) N/A out of business
C. Architect's Association; Dennis Pino
D. Building Officials Association of New Jersey (NJBOA) ;Bill Doolittle
E. Department of Community Affairs (DCA) ;Jean Verrier
F. International Code Council (ICC); Code Change Committee

NEW: Mutual Aid – Emergency Response

Dennis Pino
Bill Doolittle
Nick Fabiano
Rick Hogan

Code Official Expo

Dayna Peterson
Dennis Pino
Nick Fabiano


Dennis Pino

NJFPPA: Bryant Curry
MEIA: George Selah Jr     NJBOA: Bill Doolittle
NJPIA: Joe Penevolpe      NJAFM: Dennis Pino